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Using hand-held power tools should pay attention to what matters

2016-08-13 13:42:38 Read

1, before using the tool, shall be subject to full-time electrician test the wiring is correct, to prevent the zero line and phase line wrongly accident.

2, long dormant or damp tool before using electrical measuring insulation resistance should meet the requirements.

3, the tool comes with a flexible cable or cord can not take long, and when the power distance workplace should be used to solve the mobile box.

4, the original tool plugs are not free to remove or change, [industrial electrical networks -cnelc] is strictly prohibited without the plug wire directly to the wire inserted into the socket.

5, found the tool housing handle broken, please stop using and replace.

6, non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble and repair tools.

7, the rotary member should be protective hand-held tool means;

8, according to the provisions of the worker Wear insulated protective equipment;

9, the power supply must be installed leakage protection.