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Hardware industry efforts to open up new markets in rural areas

2016-08-13 13:41:49 Read

With domestic and more gradually strong market demand, after twenty years of development, hardware and tools has become one of China Science and Technology Hardware City market with the most heritage of the industry in recent years, hardware tools are more into gold sales .

Previously, no-name hardware tools popular with consumers in Africa. And now, with the rich African gradually increased, the degree of selling hardware tools simply unimaginable. Hardware tools for its affordable price, excellent quality in domestic and overseas markets to win a larger market share.

After investigation, we found that the entire kitchen design, there will be an increase of 16% of the market demand every year, we can see the development of space hardware industry is still very large. Hardware market survey showed that demand for metal products is about 70% from home improvements, 40% of the domestic product depends on a number of hardware vendors supply capacity.

Worldwide, consumer hardware industry in a personalized, quality, reasonable prices and other more choices, the fashion industry is shifting from hardware tools industry in the traditional sense. In future development, hardware and tools industry needs to explore new way, such as to create a rural market, the industry would be a clear choice of direction. Let hardware tools developed highly promising rural market is a big trend, it is fertile ground for cultivating brand, but the opportunity and challenges.

China's hardware tools between rural small towns to enter the Chinese market, first, because the rural market is highly fragmented, so the cultural differences around different lifestyle and environment unchecked exactly the same, so they are very big differences between the requirements for home decoration, not only different from the city, but also different view of this situation, companies must study their habits, and based on their characteristics, developed to adapt their products, for example, they need to have room piled to place production tools, all kinds of debris as well as food items like because of differences in the use of the environment, and the rest of the tiles wear characteristics will have a special request, you just get to know them, and they like specially designed products will be welcomed by the market.

Since then it is to set up sales networks. Hardware Tools business for the city's sales model is certainly riding a tiger applicable rural market, because the rural area of broad, so to develop flat sales network, and enterprises to set up a special leading organization, organizational strength market research, formulate development strategies in rural markets, and training of sales staff, this is a long-term action related to the business of life and death, any short-term behavior bound to fail.

Let hardware tools developed highly promising rural market is a big trend, companies will only hardware tools to the countryside to become a strategic, rather than through the crisis of expediency, and changes are made in the organizational structure of enterprises, to invest resources to research develop new business model, a large pool culture, organizational strength to go into effect, in order to seize the opportunity to become successful.