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Construction of temporary power handheld power tool General Provisions

2016-08-13 13:42:13 Read

1, the general workplace air humidity less than 75% optional class Ⅰ or Ⅱ class hand-held power tool, the connection point metal shell and PE line of not less than two; in addition to the plastic housing Ⅱ class tools, associated switch box leakage protector rated leakage current should not exceed 15mA, rated residual operating time should not be greater than 0.1s, its load cord should have special protection contacts. The socket and plug in the structure should be consistent, avoid contact and protect the conductive contacts mix.

2, open-air, damp place or operate on a metal frame, you must use Ⅱ class or by a safety isolating transformer power Ⅲ class handheld power tool. Ⅱ class metal casing portable electric power tools, you must comply with the requirements of this standard one; its switch box and the control box should be set outside the workplace, it prohibited the use of class Ⅰ handheld power tool in damp locations or on metal frame.

3, narrow spaces must be selected by a safety isolating transformer power Ⅲ class hand-held power tool, the switch boxes and transformers shall be provided outside the narrow place, and the PE wires. Leakage protector choice should be consistent with use in wet or corrosive properties leakage protection requirements of Article 10.2.9 of this standard. During operation, the monitor should be someone on the outside.

4, hand-held power tool load line must be weather-resistant type copper core rubber sheath flexible cable, and may not have joints. Power cord can not be any lengthening or replacement, maintenance and inspection by professional staff.

5, hand-held power tool housing, handle, load line, plugs, switches, etc. must be intact and must check for insulation and load inspection before use, in normal operation before use.

6, the use of hand-held power tools must be required to wear protective equipment worn insulation.